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The iPhone XI and XI Max are displayed in the new OnLeaks

We live very intense days with the iPhone 11 because there have been many renditions and reports There are some features that will present this new iPhone in September. Today we will come back to talk about this issue to show the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max who wanted to come across to see different aesthetics.

If you remember, yesterday's report pointed out that the new iPhone will have a new rear glass better integrate the camera to avoid the step. In addition, reference was also made to a new silent switch with circular design that will move from top to bottom and not from left to right.

Differences Between iPhone XI and XI Max

The iPhone 11 Max, which has developed into a new plaster, shows the same design changes. In this new representation, you also see a triple camera that is true it does not stop convincing us if the performance ends at last. We think it is too intrusive and too much attention, and it is completely unsightly.

The Max model will have dimensions 157.6 x 77.8 x 8.1 mm (9.3 mm including rear camera module). If we leave the rear part aside, everything in front of us indicates that we will have a continuous design with a reduced slope, while the front chamber will still be cut.

We are dealing with two devices with the same design, where we will only see change in size and autonomy just like the iPhone XS and XS Max. Here we have to evaluate what suits us and what is most comfortable in our hands.

Leave us in the comment box, which you think about these new plasters and the next video in which we see 360 ​​° images.

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