Wednesday , August 17 2022

The EU is moving ahead with tax planning for digital giants International


France and Germany French finance minister Bruno Le Maire (French finance minister Bruno Le Maire) said on Monday that they should resolve their differences with the European Union tax plans for digital giants such as Apple and Facebook.

Germany did not share French enthusiasm to push companies with high digital revenues into the European Union to pay higher taxes, while Member States such as Ireland and Luxembourg oppose this proposal.

"We are committed to a joint decision," said Le Maire, referring to Germany, said BFM TV. "We have not yet found a common point that allows us to make a decision in December," he explained.

"But Germany also said that it would continue (in the idea), which will use in the coming weeks who also want to reach an agreement with France," he added.

Le Maire also said he was "confident" that the agreement could be reached before its launch next month.

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