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San Juan de Miraflores: A subject burning a woman admitted that he was drunk and slept with the corpse all day | Police

He returned to the place femicide Step by step to tell his terrible crime. Aguenor Abelardo Coica Verano (38), Pela, largely guarded by the police because he suffered from his victim's relatives and friends, he reconstructed yesterday as he killed Silvia Rosmery Moreno Lopez (38) and said he was drunk and slept with the body all day and then burned, San Juan de Miraflores.

"He's a bastard, damn it. It ended in my daughter's life one day after her birthday. She deserves a life sentence that never comes out," she said, crying Rosana López, Mother of Silvia.

"Kill him. They should be sentenced to death!", Called other relatives and friends, with signs and gigantrography with the victim's face.

Aguenor Coica He arrived with armor-resistant vest, grabbed his hand and guarded the rebels and the Depincri de San Juan de Miraflores.

For security reasons, two blocks around the crime scene were closed down the street, block B7, block Yauyos, the new city 5 de Mayo.


In front of the prosecutor Summer Coica He said he attacked a woman at 11 am on Sunday, April 14th. "I knocked him twice on the chest and neck with a knife," he said. He was then born until he fell asleep on the ground floor near his body.

"He attacked her from jealousy. He cut her into the room and wrapped it in a blanket. The next day, on Monday, he lit it with gasoline," said Church Chief. Divincri South Lima, Colonel Edgardo Oré.

That's why the killer suffered burns on his right arm and shoulder. Then he fled, but later he was captured. The prisoner also said three times that the victim was his partner, but her family denied it.


Until the beginning of this week, at least 53 femicide cases have been reported throughout the country this year Ministry of Women.

If this trend continues, it will exceed the number of 146 women killed in 2018, but last year 19% of the aggressors escaped, 42% were arrested and 8% committed suicide.

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Aguenor Abelardo Coica Verano described in detail how he performed feminicide. (Latina)

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