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Rick leaves the series, but continues three films


Episode number five from ninth season Walking Dead, which took place on November 4, marked the fate of the once popular AMC series actor, Andrew Lincoln. However, according to producer Scott Gimple, who is in charge of franchise extension plans for another ten yearsThis is Rick Grimes's final step in the television series, but not the end of his story.

"We will continue to tell the story of Rick Grimes in the original AMC films. There is a lot to say," Gimple spotted.

These new television films are intended to expand franchise availability, as they will be responsible for displaying a completely different world statuette for the apocalypse. Despite television, they will keep high budget output.

The first of these films will investigate Rick's story after taking the helicopter in another mysterious place, and which he will have to face in this new environment. At least three of these films are already planned for Gimp spin-off, which will start production at some point in 2019.

Such films will require less time actor Andrew Lincoln, allowing him to spend more time with his family in England and stay involved in the franchise. This was the main reason for his release from the series Walking Dead. However, the Rick's film trilogy is not the only thing in the horizons view.

"These films will be great changes in the programs. We start with the first part of Rick Grimes's narrative, but there are many more that reflect the world that never saw Walking Dead and the past, and the new characters that we think will become your favorite We want to stop the mold with different stories, the very same world that took its imagination for about ten years. "

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