Monday , February 6 2023

PUBG: Battle Royale Competition Calendar PUBG World Championship | Esports


Moreover, it is much better. World of the world eSports continues to grow this year put Battle Royale to this industry as PUBG and Fortnite. Since the first has officially formulated the dates of the competition.

The goal is to shoot the best third-person shooter players The world, which is named as PUBG World Championship. Currently only nine regions of the world are approved in this competition, but in 2019 this could change.

PUBG Corp. He published his calendar of events throughout the year. The tournaments will be divided into three stages, ending with global events that are somewhat similar to the Mid Seadon Invitational Legend League.

The third phase will be the longest from mid-July to November. This month will be when the original buzzer is on PUBG World Championship. The company rely on the new ranking system aimed at assessing players as well as Dota 2 elo.

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