Tuesday , February 7 2023

Pokémon Go: Two New Generation Creatures Coming In Video Game Technology and science | Video games


The famous mobile game of Niantic and Nintendo Pokemon go He has received two new fourth generation creatures. Using games on the Twitter account, Budew and Buizel, two creatures from the Sinnoh region, were announced.

Budew is a vegetable / poison-type pokemon introduced in the fourth generation. This is the previous form of Roselia (Hoens creature), namely Pokemon farming.

This Pokemon is living next to the pools of clean water and spreading pollen that causes sneezing. It has the characteristic that in winter it closes its tree to protect itself from cold; It opens and distributes pollen in the spring.

Meanwhile Buizel is a water-based pokemon based on sea otter; although it also has the characteristics of a bunny. It is floated in the neck, which serves the float up. Its habitat is located in rivers, lakes and lagoons. They like to plunge into the water, so they are difficult to see with the help of thriving eyes.

Buizel is also known for the Pokémon anime as one of Pes's companions.

On the other hand, Niantic has launched a new Halloween event. On Twitter, he announced that coaches will be able to receive twice the role and role of ova until the next Tuesday, November 13th.

So coaches have enough time to get this Pokemon and get extra star powder.

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