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Lack of Sony next E3 2019 which would take place in Los Angeles, would be due to the entry of PS5 on the market. According to the user, the company has already decided on the date advertising and launch PlayStation 5 the reason why he does not decide to take part in the most important video game event and cancel it PlayStation experience, which was planned for 2018.

Through Reed, user RuthenicCookie, who posted a statement that Sony was leaving E3 for 2019 hours before its own Sony announces it, has noticed some of the brightness of the successor to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PS5), especially its arrival date. They are also filtered pictures what you can see in the notebook.

According to this user, in addition to Sony is not going to make the PlayStation experience this year, and his absence next E3 2019, this first event will be back in that year, which means there will be a PlayStation Experience 2019.

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PlayStation experience is back on track, most gaming developers already have PS5 development kits (a spoiler: it's a "monster"). Sony is about to make PS5 difficult, and this is one of the reasons why they will not have the E3 next year because they have already discovered all their upgrades this year and they have nothing new to show in 2019 (they want to showcase their youthfulness with the PlayStation experience). "

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"(Shown below) a little revelation (statement) in mid-2019, and a great game of PlayStation experience, however, plans may change."

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"Do you remember the first PS4 revelation? Something like that, but beware, plans can change."

It is likely that there will also be "small" to use their names, a revelation in the middle of next year. This revelation will be confirmed, announced and even revealed PlayStation experience in 2019. Even if the user who has filtered this potential information confirms that these dates may change.

RuthenicCookie also said that the introduction of PS5 is about a year and a half since developers already have a development kit. It is said that some of them have claimed that this kit is a "monster". For example, Anthem, BioWare video game is tested on PS5.

We reaffirm that this is a rumor, albeit with the merits of analysts, as Jason Schreier from the specialized site Kotaku mentioned that he, in his "conversations with developers in the industry," he hopes that the PlayStation 5 will arrive in 2020.

In short, the PlayStation 5 will be announced in mid-2019 and will be revealed, announced and even released by 2020. The 2019 PlayStation experience might be the final date for the application.

Many other PS5-based entries have already arrived on previous days, including some pictures of what's showing the team with a color touchscreen. Also, developers who are already working on the console have leaked, including: Activision, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Amazon Game Studios, Square Enix and many others.

As you can see in our note for companies that already work on PS5. Already there are rumors about games that may come in the coming years. Tomohiro tokoro, from Square Enix, describes in detail how he works with the "new PlayStation 5 AAA title", which is being developed by studios, for example.

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According to the YouTube channel,, it looks like the new Sony console, the PlayStation 5, and could hit the market faster than expected.

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