Tuesday , February 7 2023

Peruvian Football Federation is at risk. | Videna | FIFA | FPF | Sports


One evening at the time of arrival, a disguised warning to Viden. FIFA confirmed to FVC Secretary-General Juan Matute that this institution will be immediately suspended if Republic of Congress approves the amendment to the law on strengthening the second ballot. As you recall, it was already approved at first instance.

In the document that is written Fatma SamouraThe FIFA Secretary General also mentions the process envisaged by the FPF to adapt both to the reform of FIFA's statutes and Conmebol which ends in December next year when a new council is elected.

"The FIFA warning is for the Peruvian Football Federation, and not for The congress neither does it Executive power. FIFA respects respect for institutions and sovereignty in the country. Congress makes its decisions and is free to decide what is best for the state. FIFA's warning is not an insult, "said Mattute.

Step aside

Minister of Education Daniel Alfaro ParedesHe also spoke on this issue and advised FPF President Edwin Oviedo without hesitation. It should be noted that if the law is not canceled, Oviedo it will remain in force until the end of 2019 when new elections are called.

"Until I saw the amendments to the Enforcement Act, it gives the Peruvian Football Federation autonomy in determining its best mechanisms and updating FIFA's statutes. The state is no longer interfering. We believe that the current President (Edvinam Oviedo) must abandon and be able to resolve all of his accusations and express these points. Then he could return to the federation. The presidents of the national sports federations also have role models and play a constitutive role, "he added.

If the FPF is suspended, the team may not participate in any FIFA competition and / or competition. I thought I could not play American Cup, Elimination, World Cup or friends that are planned. Peruvian club could not play Libertadore Cupno, no South america

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