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Paloma Noceda: "I can't wait for anything from Fuerza Popular, they can't be critical" | Politics

Head of Congress Paloma Noceda (Popular Action) criticized it Popular forces (FP) has tried to reduce the complaint against the illegitimate touch of Luis López Vilela, a member of the Fujimorist Parliament, in the Ethics Commission. He added that the legislative power should establish a protocol to deal with sexual harassment situations.

– Congressman Milagros Salazar tried to punish Luis López Vilela from 120 to 30 days. Do you think Fuerza Popular intends to protect a parliamentarian?
Yes, certainly. They [Fuerza Popular] They have shown a lack of empathy in this case and have given some painful arguments to try to protect [a López].

– You indicated that Lopez Vilela had touched her twice. Did you feel this congressman persecuted?
I have condemned the fact that there was a wrong touch and that an unreasonable touch is a characteristic of sexual harassment.

– Mrs Úrsula Letona, Congressman, confirmed that López Vilela is "not a sexual harasser" …
What is happening is that she, who claims to be very technical, said that these facts are not a criminal offense, but the Ethics Commission does not see the lawsuits, but ethical. What you were asked to punish is an ethical violation. Lady Lona lacks information and needs to know more about women.

– How does the defense of Fuerza Popular interpret López Vilela?
I think it is regrettable that Fuerza Popular congressmen have tried to defend the unjust, they have tried to reduce the situation. They have manipulated my testimony because what I have denounced has been the wrong touch, and they have always tried to place it as if it were an inappropriate greeting or a trustworthy greeting. So I am sorry that Fuerza Popular is trying to defend the unjust.

– Do you consider submitting criminal proceedings?
No, because in 2017, when these events took place, it was not yet taken into account in the New Criminal Procedure Code, which is sexual harassment. However, it is important for women to know that it is considered last year and that they know they have to report. We cannot remain silent because we need to change the society for the future of our children.

– Do you know if there are other similar cases in Parliament?
Yes, congresses were reported in other five-year periods. Unfortunately, these are behaviors that have returned to normal over time, and there are people who are trying to reduce the situation, but this is not just a congressman but also a reliable and plant-friendly plane. For example, there are complaints from cleaning workers who are also harassed by maintenance personnel. This is a situation that happens at all levels.

– the complaint you made against Luis López Vilela will set a precedent if the plenary will support the request for 120 days' suspension?
Yes, it will set a precedent for these situations to never happen in Congress or elsewhere. From Congress, we have to give an example to the public that women no longer want to accept this kind of behavior, and we cannot normalize or reduce it, but we must all prepare for the defense of women.

– Your resignation from Fuerza Popular last July was related to your complaint to Luis López?
I will resign as I disagree with the decisions taken by the popular Fuerza. On 26 July, when it was preparing to vote for a new Board of Directors, there was no democratic vote within the delegation, there was only one list, there were no other options. And well, at that moment, I said: until I arrive, I don't want to continue supporting them.

– I remember you were the only People's Congressman who praised Pedro Pablo Kuczynski when he was sworn in as president. Did it require a wake-up request?
Yes, some parliamentarians commented. When that day I congratulated President Kuczynski, it was a tribute to the President of the Republic, who is ultimately the president of all the brooks. There were some congressmen who called me from behind: "Paloma, don't approve," and there was another congressman, very close to the party leadership, who told me, "Well, Palomita, let's talk to explain". One of those who cried from behind me told me that we were not sheep.

– Was it wrong to run Congress with Fujimorismo?
Yes, it was definitely. Why? Because when I applied for Fueru Popular, I entrusted it to the political party, hoping they wanted to work for the country. Unfortunately, everything I have seen in Fuerza Popular's events and decisions has been negative, no love for the country, no organized agenda to promote. Some people wanted to win their power groups and try to record them all. It has been regrettable that, given so many congressmen, there has been no agenda in the country. I am very disappointed with all the behavior of this group, it has been a good decision to retire from there.

– You think Daniel Salavery represented the continuity of Luis Galarreta on the Board of Directors. Do you still think?
No, no longer there I was wrong in my perception. He likes [Salaverry] Throughout the year I chaired the Education Commission, I was a representative of Fuerza Popular, and I saw how he worked with Luis Galarreta. So I think he means continuity. I can say that I was wrong and that he has done a good job in Parliament. He seeks democracy in Congress.

– On Thursday, March 7, there will be a full woman. What projects should be prioritized on this day?
Well, I have introduced a project on sexual harassment in sport. These cases also occur with the athletes and often occur when they are underage and cannot be regarded as an abusive situation. And suddenly, when they reach adulthood, they remember that between their coach and the authority they have had meant sexual harassment, which is difficult to denounce for the time that passed and the tests they ask. I have also put forward a proposal for a protocol in Congress to prevent such harassment situations.

– Do you think that the position expressed by Fuerza Popular in the Ethics Committee on your complaint will not be the same in plenary?
Look, I'm honest until yesterday [lunes] I could expect it, I might think they have a little judgment, but now I see no, I can't wait for them. Many of them become hateful, because this intention and the need to maintain power in the congress that sheds them, they cannot be critical and see that it really is a terrible message to the people who may be congressmen who oppose the fight against violence against women.

– How did you manage to join Popular Action caucus?
I've been an independent congressman for over half a year, I left [de Fuerza Popular] for purely conscious reasons. In these more than two years in Parliament, between congressmen, we already know each other, we know what is right people and who … well. By joining a new decision, I dealt with two things: that we have common ideas and the theme of people that they are integrated and undoubtedly. In the case of Acción Popular, it is a party that represents it, it is not related to cases of corruption, it has a tradition and a political ideology based on honesty.

– Do you consider registering as a Popular Action militant?
Of course, I would rate the registration as a militant if it allows me to do so. I'd love to register as a fighter.

– Sources from El Comercio pointed out that Congressman Yonhy Lescano disagreed with his inclusion. Was that the case? Did you talk about that?
Yes, I could talk to him. I was worried because I came from the people of Faroe, but he admits to the man he has the recognition, he recognizes personal values. However, his concern was that he had come from Fuerza Popularas, a party that he was opposed to looking for Acción Popular. I am convinced that Congressman Lescano, who is worried, goes completely, I am in agreement with the ideals of popular action.

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