Tuesday , September 27 2022

Mendoza: A woman with HIV is a bit of a doctor


There was an uncertain episode on Thursday morning Lagomaggiore Hospital. The woman who was hospitalized was a violent reaction and bit doctor who visited him.

The Hospital managers they indicated that this person and from Haiti and this is in the street situation. Also He has HIV and Syphilis. He recently had a son and therefore he was interned at this place.

Apparently a woman who does not understand Spanish (they speak French in Haiti) he thought that doctors were going to take a baby for its extraordinary degree of vulnerability.

Woman who There are two small ones who aim to move to Chile to satisfy the child's father.

Meanwhile, the doctor received help from colleagues to see bite reactions.

In Dialogue with Newsletter 9, Minister of Health, Elisabeth Crescitelli informed that the new Foils Code provides for a fine people who attack doctors in hospitals.

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