Wednesday , May 25 2022

Mac Miller: The official cause of death is already known by the Light | Music


Nearly two months after death Mac millerThe Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has already revealed the official cause of death. According to the TMZ portal, the report says that the musician died from "mixed drug toxicity", as fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol were found on his body.

The report says that although the amount of each substance found in the body part Mac miller It was not deadly, their combination was what made him die, so his death was considered "accidental overdose".

The document also points to new details about the death of Malcolm James McCormick, the real name Mac miller. His assistant states that he has found him in his bed in a "prayer position", on the road ahead and with a face that is based on his knees.

Likewise Mac MillHis nose was a rub (wound), and his noses had blood. Police found that her pants in her right pocket had a white powder balance of $ 20.

On the bedside table Mac miller An empty alcohol bottle was found, but a bottle of prescription tablets was found in the bathroom.

Mac miller maintained relations with Ariana Grande for about two years; However, in May this year, the singer announced that it was over, after which the rapper had problems with his addiction.

Even Ariana Grande was named as the perpetrator of the death Mac miller as evidenced by the artist's followers, who affirmed that the details of his relationship with Pete Davidson did not emotionally support him.

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