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Juan Aurich vs. César Vallejo LIVE ONLINE FACEBOOK LIVE plays second semi-finals Photo 1 of 4 | The second chapter


Juan Aurich vs César Vallejo | LIVE | FACEBOOK LIVE | FREE TV | INTERNET | ONLINE | LIVE | will be a great semi-final game in one direction The second chapter. The collision will be held in Chongqing, at noon. 13:00. The so-called "northern classics" spark, given that both are trying to take off for a long time.

On the one hand, Juan Aurich will try to respect their local status. Chiclayans come to the stars in the dramatic final, which corresponds to the semifinals, after facing the Union Huaral. The "North Cyclone" will come out with a knife between the teeth to slip away your historic opponent, César Vallejo.

On the other hand César Vallejo José Guillermo del Sol is trying to prove his strength in his hands. Chemo will start its best eleven from the start, with Leandro Fleit at the wheel. Scorers, Andy Pando and Carlos Orejuela are added to this list.

Second chapter LIVE: Follow the first stage of the semifinals of the Race Tournament [FOTOS]

Last time Juan Aurich He came across César Vallejo It was September this year. Cyclianos triumphs took 3-1, with double Rick Campodónico.

Actually all year César Vallejo not able to beat Juan Aurich, led by experienced Carlos Cortijo. Ciclón del norte 2: 0 killed Trujillanos in June.

Eyes to detail. César Vallejo He does not know the victory six years ago. The Chemo team has quite a goal. Meanwhile Juan Aurich lost Unión Huaral in his last game on The second chapter, but qualified in the semifinals.

Juan Aurich v César Vallejo: Possible Assumptions

Juan Aurich: E. Rosales, J. Yglesias, J. Estrada, J. Quispe, A. Cueto, M. Rios, R. Campodónico, S. Carrasco, R. Sandoval, L. Gomez and A. Carrillo.

César Vallejo: J. Pretel, E. Villamarín, L. Fleit, J. Rostaing, A. Gordillo, A. Sanchez, R. Quinteros, R. Garcia, A. Pando, A. Rosso and A. Benítes.

Peru selection

Son of Nolberto Solano in the practice of the Peruvian national team. (Video: Edú Latoche / Photo: Francisco Neyra)

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