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José Domingo Pérez confirms that Pedro Chávarry provided "testimony to witnesses". | Politics


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José Domingo PérezLava Jato Special Prosecutor, responsible for Keiko Fujimori and 10 other people's money laundering investigations, responded to statements by the National Prosecutor, Pedro Chávarrywho, on the eve of, testified that he had the right to "remove" him from office at any time, but he did not do it because it could be considered "retaliation."

At the hearing, Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho Pérez argued that Chávarry, with his statements, said to protected witnesses and effective collaborators who "are committed to resolving this case", that "a prosecutor who knows his testimony and effective cooperation can remove it at any time".

Perez has opened a disciplinary penalty for alleged "administrative violations" to criticize the National Prosecutor in the television program.

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Former High Attorney Avelino Guillén told El Comercio that "the separation of the prosecutor is governed by Article 62 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and can only be imposed by the direct superior, that is, by Rafael Vela Barb." The article states that the boss "can replace the prosecutor if he does not fulfill his duties or does not commit an offense."

But fiscal sources informed the newspaper that the appointment to the José Domingo Pérez Special Team depends on the National Prosecutor, which can make it ineffective. With that in mind, Guillen said that if "an assessment would have to be made to the entire team, it was already done at the start of his mandate, which, more likely, authorized Prosecutor Perez and left the squad as Prosecutor Hamilton Kastro."

Former prosecutor Iván Meini added that Chávarry has the right to remove him. "But any decision of a public official must comply with the criteria of necessity and appropriateness. Because Dr Chávarry was removed from office, Prosecutor Perez could not be considered an activity that complied with the powers of the National Prosecutor," he said.

Mr Meini said that Chávarry's announcements are "a kind of warning" that if Pérez continues to engage with him, "probably […] decides to release her from office. "

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At the hearing Prosecutor Perez argued that businessman Giancarlo Bertini was part of a criminal organization that would run Fuerza Popular and took part in the 2011 campaign campaign's covert events. He said that Daniel Mellado said that his employer Bertini had ordered him partly and in various agencies to avoid controlling for a $ 477,730 party campaign. Thus, the prosecutor maintained his request for preventive detention for 36 months.

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Since his appointment as National Prosecutor, on 20 July 2018, Pedro Chávarry appointed 343 posts throughout the country.

The biggest change was Lima, with 144. Currently, El Callao has 27 changes.

In addition, 27 offices were carried out at the prosecutor's office.

On October 12, Chávarry resigned Erika Delgado Torres's resignation at the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez's office.

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