Thursday , March 4 2021

Jorge Muoz has received accreditation today as Mayor of Lima

The National Electoral College (JNE) issued a mandate to Lima Captcha Jorge Muoz Wells, who was elected to implement the above-mentioned situation at the regional and municipal elections of 7 October last year.

The document will be presented at a public ceremony, which will be held on Tuesday, 11:00, at the headquarters of the constituency in the auditorium at Jess Mare (Jirn Nazca 598).

According to the popular ballot announced by the Lima Central Election Jury Special Election Jury Muozu Wellu, 1 907 693 valid votes (36.03%), which is the highest vote cast by candidates from the Limas metropolitan municipality.

This transfer takes place after the announcement of the abovementioned elections in this jurisdiction, recognizing the unfounded appeal brought by Podemos por el Progreso del Peru, which opposed the division of the alderm in political organizations (Peru21)

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