Tuesday , March 9 2021

Hitman 2: Now Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One | Video games

Hitman 2 It reached the global market. Download the new 47-saga tag for the new generation of console Xbox One, Computer and PlayStation 4. This is one video game It belongs to the old "reboot" games.

Although the graphics section has not significantly improved, remember it Hitman the January 31, 2017, if you have a new collaborative game mode. You and the partner can become experts in snipers and surprise enemies.

How she prequel, offers a variety of ways to eliminate goals Agent 47. Now scenarios have played a leading role, as they have increased significantly with regard to the first installment.

Hitman 2 It will no longer be organized episodically. Each level has a "sandbox", in other words, an open field in which the player will be given free research. Undoubtedly, we are faced with a solid game that did not want to take too much risk but improved the error. prequel.

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