Monday , June 5 2023

Excessive estimation Jeff Kaplan explains how to avoid boredom of their players


Head of the whole team from Observe, Jeff Kaplanwith whom he spoke Kotaku about how developers work to prevent a large user base from gaming becoming boring after two years on the market.

First of all, the team is aware that the game is mostly casual: "I always think that the type of game that is Overwatch, shooting and 6v6 action, This is the way players enter and exit the ". As for Kapplan, the flow and flow value determines the pace of the players, because it does not work for "players who play the game all day".

In setting it, he also mentions that they are attracting the latest video games on the market: "Sometimes players feel panic, for example: "Oh, my friends play Call of Duty this month. "But that's fine: Call of Duty is a completely new and amazing game. We also play it. But then we come back, we're playing Overwatch and we're returning to our practice."

According to the creative view, it is very normal that servers have this kind of short-term results, as it allows more developers to maintain a game with attractive updates that can maintain or restore the player base.

The last move of the company was Ashe, hero number 29. This champion will arrive with B.O.B., her companion, for all ultimates and has already received positive feedback from the community.

Observe Video games in the world have been 2 years old and are considered one of the most important titles Blizzard. Due to the end of the 12th season, we are familiar with the list of the 10 most commonly used characters in each competition range.

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