Tuesday , September 27 2022

Emphasize the importance of ophthalmologic examination for diabetic patients


Considering the intention that people understand the importance of external drug testing, especially in the case of diabetes, Novartis has conducted a series of talks with medical professionals on the World Diabetes Day, which is mentioned on November 14.

People with diabetes have three types of eye problems: macular edema, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, all of which lead to blindness and are usually diagnosed while they are already having symptoms, which is why they are not treated in time and left several people with a disability. continue normal life.

Therefore, the company decided to set up a series of interviews with medical professionals about the illnesses that usually leave diabetic patients with no vision, as it is easier to communicate healthcare through a direct conversation.

Ophthalmologist surgeon specializing in Retina, Leonora Hernandez, explained that the macular edema of the diabetic was not always associated with retinopathy.

"Macular edema of the diarrhea is a condition associated with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy is not always required for the patient, sometimes the disease begins, and this is the primary manifestation of diabetic retinopathy and affects the central eye, which is it what we see things like reading, guiding and recognizing people, "he explained.

Among the main causes of macular edema is that 53 percent of the patients are still working age, and because of this state of affairs all their activities are under threat.

Abel Ramirez Estudillo, head of the Hospital de la Luz Retina, talked about diabetic retinopathy and pointed out that this problem was not reversible, but also had significant economic consequences for patients and their environment.

Retinopathy is a very delicate problem as it affects people by reducing functional functional abilities and unfortunately, if we have a patient associated with diabetes mellitus, it affects their environment, their family and the condition they may encounter.

The number of Mexican patients with this disease increases if they do not have the necessary care to prevent the development of other diseases, such as diabetes retinopathy, because diabetes is not always associated with the disease.

"Diabetes retinopathy is currently a very big economic problem: unfortunately, the disease has nearly 13 million Mexicans, and it is estimated that between 30 and 35 percent of patients with this disease have some stages of diabetic retinopathy," said Rodriguez.

It is important to control blood glucose, measure blood pressure and cholesterol in order to avoid blindness related diseases caused by diabetes.

Additionally, requires eye examinations, which include student dilatation once a year, among other measures, such as smoking cessation, if done.


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