Saturday , April 1 2023

Did Jefferson Farfán leave Peru, or did Ivan Yturbe travel with a football player? | PHOTOS 1 photo 6 | Shows


Jefferson Farfán attracted suitcases and said goodbye to Peru. Using your account Instagram, a football player declared that he left the lands of Peru to the Arab country of Bahrain. But the question everyone asks is, did Ivan Yturbe travel with him?

Publishing Instagram, Jefferson Farfan appears on the plane and adds two emoticons: one of the planes and one of the flag of Bahrain, located in Doha, Qatar, to prepare for the Russian League pre-school education.

After that Jefferson Farfan e Ivana Yturbe confirm that both are salidite, it would not be uncommon for the model to be added to a player in the Arabic country to learn.

Jefferson Farfan e Ivana Yturbe they gave permission Rodrigo González and a Jasmine Pinedo confirm their departure from the end of December. Both drivers reported on this issue, and they did not expect comments on and against the new derogations.

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