Saturday , March 6 2021

Diabetes is the fifth cause of death in Peru

The diabetes is the fifth cause of death in Peru, where there are one million people with this disease who reported 8 088 new type 2 cases in January and June this year, which is the most common occurrence in adult life, official sources reported.

Related measures World Fighting Day Battle, Ministry of Health (Minsa) pointed out that this "is one of the health problems caused by the potential life of many years, due to excessive mortality and prolonged years of productive lives."

In this regard Dr. Jorge Hancco, specializing in preventive medicine and public health Minsa, pointed out that more and more teenagers and young people are diagnosed with this disease.

At the same time, the mine added that there are new cases registered in 99 hospitals, 95 centers and 62 healthcare officials across the country that have to report the number of patients suffering from this disease since 2014, which registered 15504 new cases in 2017 .

The regions with the highest incidence of diabetes and obesity are southern Tacna, the Amazon Mother of God, North Piura and Callao Province, Lima.

Hancco argued that people suffering from this disease urgently need to change their lifestyle rather than leaving treatment unfinished as it causes vision, renal, polyneuropathic (nervous) and diabetic foot trauma.

Officials pointed out that since 2016, the health sector has introduced guidelines with specific objectives to strengthen professionals' ability to identify risk factors, diagnose, treat and control diabetes.


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