Tuesday , March 21 2023

Cercado de Lima: The fire touches Av. Abancay Block 11 Lima | Events


The fire is registered in a building located on Abancay Avenue 11. t Cercado de Lima.

More than 10 Peruvian volunteer firefighter units participate in an emergency. There are several shops near the building.

►Providing SJL: The Ministry of Labor has tolerance for delays
►The drinking water is estimated to be completely restored within four days

This is the second time in six months when it has registered the fire in the same building. In August last year on the seventh floor of the apartment there was another accident. At that time, more than ten firefighters were involved in the crash.

At that time, an emphasis was placed on the activity of the site worker, who saved children, adults and even pets. It all started when he saw an old woman asking for help from a single window. At that time, together with two other people, they decided to break the dead and came to rescue them.

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