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Carlos Cacho does not consider the Quechua language, and cybernetics criticize it without mercy [FOTO Y VIDEO]

November 13, 2018 at noon 21:00.

Great outrage for Carlos Cacho's controversial words, who said that Kečuua It was not a language because, in his view, the Milagros Leiva program does not have an "alphabet" and is just "that language".

It was interpreted by Peirine Caycho as "Suspiros" by Walter Esther Granado, Quechua.

Listening to the interpretation of the young woman Carlos Cacho He mentioned: "Only one comment, you mix the language and the language, they are not two languages ​​to be considered an alphabet, and Kechu did not," said the stylist.

Milagros Bread far from the adjustment Carlos Cacho I'm just looking at that. Remember that Quechua is the fourth most commonly spoken language in America. It is also the official language – in addition to Spanish – in seven countries: Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Of course, the stylist's words sparked outrage at social networks: "Carlos Cacho, sitting at Paco Bazán and journalist Milagros Leiva, just announced that" Quechua is not a language, it's just a language, because the language is considered a language requires an alphabet " was one of the comments.

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