Thursday , August 11 2022

Attorney at law Amdo Enco advocates Pérez: "Caso Chinchero had good progress" Photo 1 of 5 | Politics


Corruption Prosecutor Amado Enco it was expressed in connection with the decision of the Ministry of State to dismiss the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez from a preliminary investigation carried out case Chinchero . In this regard, he stressed the work done and the steps taken so far.

" José Domingo Pérez He had proved rigor in the investigation. It is true that he was exaggerated with things, but Chinchero thing I was developing quite well, "he told reporters.

In addition, these statements, raids and information on the activities of the prosecutor's office were explained in detail. In that regard, Enco stated that Ministry of the Interior it would be better to empower their teams than to "take away their affairs".

"Obviously, we are all overworked (with work). We would like to move on a par with all occasions, but it's not important to take the case out of prosecutors, but give them the staff and equipment they need to work and conduct an investigation," he said.

Amado Enco

ZOILA SUENO, Prosecutor, who will succeed

Despite this, the prosecutor for the fight against corruption said that he had no doubt about the integrity of the prosecutor's office, Zoila Sueno Chirino, the magistrate of the first provincial prosecutor's office, who specialized in corruption offenses committed by officials

"We have no doubt about the righteousness of Dr Zoail Suenos," he said.

It should be noted that last February was a prosecutor José Domingo Pérez opened a preliminary investigation by former officials of the Ministry of Transport, Proinversión and Ositrán on the addition of the government and company Kuntur Wasi signed a concession for the construction of the Chinchero airport Cusco.

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