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Adamari López and Luis Fonsi, how did you meet? Love story that ended very bad in Puerto Rico | TV | Famous

How did you meet? Love story of Adamari López and Luis Fonsi | A few years ago, the illusion of love lived Adamari López and Luis Fonsi, Puerto Rican artists who fell in love and came to the altar, promising their entire life, a worthy movie of love. However, this emotion was dispersed over time as their marriage problems were stronger than their promises on the altar

In fact, in the recent past, both were expected in the chain of meetings Telemundo program "New Day", surprising all his followers about the professional and affectionate attitude they showed before the cameras.

But the entertainment world is more cruel than it seems. Behind this dignified attitude is the history of betrayal, trust and melons that are not known today for the real reasons leading to divorce. Especially because both preferred more than that.

How did Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi meet?

Actress and singer met Mexico In 2001, they both looked like friends and Adamari López I had a relationship with the actor Mauritius Islands. A few years later, in 2002, they saw each other again at a concert Luis Fonsi In the United States.

In this case, the famous actress was like a simple viewer and after the show, Fonsi He invited him to his dressing room. Since then, they began to meet friends until they finally confirmed their relationship in the same year. After two years of illusions and happiness, Luis Fonsi He asked him to spend his family home with him, revealing his commitment in 2004.

But the odyssey of couples will begin here Adamari Lopez He also announced that he had been diagnosed with breast cancer shortly afterwards. In 2005, she held a press conference in San Juan to talk about it and it was also announced Luis Fonsi He canceled his international trip that year to stay on his side.

All this time, according to Adamari López he treated him orally with it, it was a fact Fonsi more than once. On the other hand, the artist completely devoted herself to her, wrote her songs and broke publicly because of the harsh situation.

In 2006, he was finally successful in declaring himself cancer-free, and the couples' couples ended in June. The ceremony took place Puerto Rico and waited more than 400 people at the time of admission Caribe Hilton Hotel.

The career of both artists continued to grow, regardless of the fact that they stopped for a long time. This, together with the fact that they could not have children, and their dream was to become parents, and ultimately endangered the relationship.

His marriage crisis continued until rumors began Luis Fonsi he was unfaithful Adamari, something that was denied in both cases. Over time, she began to doubt it and everything worsened when the cancer returned Adamari stronger than the first time.

Separation of Adamari López and Luis Fonsi

A love story took place on November 8, 2009 Luis Fonsi and Adamari López It would have ended after it was made publicly available. Fonsi, it was one of the most difficult moments and the worst he had to live. On the other hand, Adamari He then published an autobiographical book telling his full story.

She says that Fonsi "She stopped fighting" when things became complicated and she also commented that he told her she no longer wanted her as a woman. The latter was the singer's denial of the statement, but he always avoided talking about this topic every time he was asked about it.

And so ended the love story that promised to be a fairy tale. Both speak very well, and their recent encounter is proof of this, but as they were unconditional support for each other, not everything was rosy in intimacy, so there are sad moments that both will keep in memory. which was and will never be.

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