Thursday , February 25 2021

5 applications for learning English on iphone –

Everyone wants to study English classes abroad, but not everyone has enough money to pay for studies or online courses, so today we want to present excellent applications to enable them to learn English from the iPhone.

These applications have different activities: audio, vocabulary, verbs and grammar. The most interesting thing is that they are completely free and highly instructive, fully compatible with the iOS operating system. These applications have good content, but if they are not focused and constantly, these apps will not help.

Duolingo: This is the most downloaded application used by iOS users, and 12 million downloads are the number of users that users prefer. Duolingo has become the most practical way of learning English, in which the dictionary can be improved and improved.


Wlingua: It has improved the iPhone interface by improving its visualization and paying more attention to its users. He has transformed exercises and lessons with an amazing point, which will create a positive addiction. It has 600 hours with different levels, between A1 and A2, its initial classes, up to B1 and B2, intermediate classes.

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Merriam Webster Dictionary: This is a program by which you can search for a word and get its meaning completely fast. In addition, one of the benefits of this dictionary is that you can search for words entered in the search engine, synonyms and antonyms, the program will show you various examples that you can quickly find out. Updated to a new iOS operating system.


Bus: The value is 4 to 5 points, and includes information such as video and audio recorded by local people. Summing up over 150 different topics and over 3000 words with interactive exams. By Bus, you can review your profile and see a rating for each level. It also has a lot of languages ​​for you to learn.


Radio vaughan: The best way to improve the vocabulary is to listen to the radio in English and it's Vaughan. It is a station born in Madrid with 24 hours coverage and 14 programs in English only.


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