Thursday , February 25 2021

Zlatan with special requirements and controversial comment

On Monday evening, it was set at the end of Swedish football, and for the thirteenth time, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, a soccer star, was accepted as an annual striker. But the Swedish lifestyle was a thief.

When the Los Angeles galaxy entered the scene again to share the "Number 10" prize with Bois Foundation, he awoke with this comment:

If I had not come, you would also carry. What we are promising for the production and production of television, because you know … figures, Ibrahimovich said, doing a thumb-gesture.


This caused Wolfsburg star Nill Fischer to react.

"It's an unnecessary way to express yourself," she said.

"For me, bugs are for us – a football family – not for individuals. Of course, individual awards are awarded, but it must be the football side, the family party, and then it is not one person, continues Fischer.

Specific requirements

In addition to criticizing a comment that was supposedly a joke, Ibrahimovic should be subject to a special requirement for the Football Federation.

According to the Swedish Express, Ibrahimovich refused to sit with the other guests and demanded that he had his loyalty and he had to leave alone in relation to the prices for which he himself was raised.

"Zlatan himself wanted to divulge a separate room, he wanted to sit there, not on the floor, and that's something we were forced to meet," says TV4 Ludvig Ternstedt, Communications Officer.

Strong speech

This year, the best Swedish male soccer player, Gullballen, won the Victorian University of Manchester Victor Lindelof. Although the same price on women's side, it was only Fischer who received.

And in her main language she won a strong struggle for gender equality.

"If I were here as a person, with my career, which I had, I would never have any financial concerns – both for myself and for children.

"We play because we love sports. We play forever, so I would say it to all girls: never try to play football. Never try to fight for equality. I do not think you should be thankful. We are worth so much more, said Fischer by Expressen.

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