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Written that Rimman’s Wikipedia was “Raven” – BEFORE she smoked – VG

Just over half an hour before Anne Rimmena (39) smoked from the movie “Maskorama”, the information appeared on her Wikipedia page.

«In 2020, Rimmen appeared as a raven in the NRK series Maskorama“, It literally says on Wikipedia.

The program is broadcast live, so no one could have known that she would smoke today.

Anne Rimmen VG after “loss”: – Now I’m going home to breastfeed

The history of editing on the Wikipedia page about the owner Rimmen shows that the information was first entered by an anonymous user at 20.49 with the explanation “New information about the appearance of TV”.

After a few minutes at 20.51, it was deleted again by another anonymous user.

– Removed incorrect information, acquitted the user. The information was then added and deleted a few more times.

At 21.23, another anonymous user added the information again and remained standing – then she had left the program.

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– Unlikely

NRK spokeswoman Tonje Bergmo believes that there must be someone who has given advice, who has entered the information only on apples.

Only a few people know the identity of the participants and therefore she considers that it is unlikely that the information was leaked from informed sources.

– But it is very possible that even those who write Wikipedia think that “Maskorama” is very solemn. More than a million follow the program, so many may be behind it, says Bergmo.

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10.6 percent correctly guessed that Ravnen is Anne Rimmen, according to NRK.


Only three people are initiated in the whole NRK, and only a few in the production company. Participants also do not know what they are competing with. All are picked up in a secret place and kept separate.

– I think there must be someone who has given up. We can never guarantee anything, but there are very few who actually know what’s behind the outfits.

You saw the show? Here is the VG dice roll

Secrecy. Participants are transported covered premises. Photo: Tonje Bergmo / NRK


Anne Rimmena is the manager and worked as an anchor at NRK-sporten. She is currently in the maternity ward, which she discovered just before the mask fell.

– It was a lot of fun, after removing the mask on TV said the popular presenter.

Rhyme likes to push himself, but singing in front of people was not easy-just. Nerves along the way have appeared.

– It was a threshold to cross, so it was reassuring if it could be done behind a mask, she says VG after deworming.

Curious? That’s how they keep everything a secret

Rimman never thought she would be in fourth place.

– I’m kind of relieved that it’s over, but of course it would have been a little cool to get to the finals, she admits.

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Rimmen explained how she ignited the concept when she was asked to join.

– I thought “oh god” and went straight to YouTube and checked out, she added about the TV circus, which is originally from Korea, but which is available in countless variations around the world.

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