Monday , February 6 2023

World in the tower – Title in the news


who: Mats Groruds (42)

What / Why: A story about the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in front of the movie "Tornis". It's animated in camps and now created in several countries.

What is a tower?

"A girl named Wardi is 11 years old and is growing up at the Beirut refugee camp in Burj El Barajneh for her trip up the tower.

Towers? Why is it a tower?

"The camp is small and there is no other place to go. So, for every generation, they have to create a new floor in the house they live in.

How much does it live?

"I lived there in 2001, after which about 20 000 people lived in the camp, now about 40 000, and the camp has become about twice as high.

How high was it?

– Seven eight floors. The film about development since 1948, when the camp was created. Then they lived in tents. For each tower of the tower, you meet new family members. The film is about the history of refugees, and then you have some insight into life. And the future for those who live there.

Yes, what's the future really?

"No, the last thing that has happened is that Donald Trump has attracted support from UNRWA, the UN agency for refugees, which makes the situation worse.

Can they not be

– The camps are not closed. What is closed is the opportunity to get a job in Lebanon. They are stateless and have little rights. Foreign workers are not getting jobs that the Livs want and do not have the right to buy property.

Did you watch the movie for people from the camp?

"We just completed the Arabic version, it opened a movie festival in Ramallah. 1000 people watched it was cool. And then I showed it to the family that inspired the movie.

What did they say?

– It was a laugh and a mixture of raisins. It is not often that films are taken for them. I've tried to create a movie that is then recognized. The film is similar to them.

Where else will it be created?

– It's really in English. And then it's dub in Norwegian. And in Arabic it is common in the Middle East and North Africa. And in French it has been created at the cinema in France in February. And then there is the usual distribution of films in Sweden and Denmark. And I think Turkey.

It should be quite cool.

– Yes, it's good to laugh. Despite the fact that you are 80 percent of the time when you have three children at home, then.

What is the next project?

– A film from the Niger delta. This is for oil companies that have destroyed the delta. What do people do when they are deprived of life.

With this you work for seven years, so the next movie is completed in 2025?

– Well, that is the long-term funding. The film is only one or two years old.

Now you have success and are rich?

– no haha. The budget is twenty million, so there is plenty of money to enter. At the opening weekend, part of the money is delivered to the children's and youth orchestra camps. It's nice that something concrete comes back to them. The whole world listens to this story if nobody does.

Which book has thought the most for you?

– Little Tree is marvelous, well depicted in the history of childhood, Indian culture and Americans. But then I have read that the author of Forests Carter has been linked to the FAQ. But I still think it's a thoughtful book.

What do you like?

"Right now, making sure that my three children do something quite good. Eat long lunches and be there when they come from school. And it's time to mix them up.

Who was your childhood hero?

– Shane MacGowan from The Pogues.

What are you doing?

– Then I drink and dance on the table, my hands are above my head. Then I bring the beer to everyone who dances and thinks it's great fun.

Is there something wrong?

– I did not go to the last concert of Kim Larsen before he died. And I do not consider reading and writing Arabic. I just learned to talk but did not get very good.

Who would you prefer to get into the elevator?

"Unfortunately, refugee camp towers do not have an elevator. So I'll have Ian MacKaye. For a private concert with Fugazi.

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