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– Without him, they have nothing – VG


PARTNERS: Bruno Fernandes has been very important to Manchester United this season. Photo: PETER POWELL / POOL

Before the break, Manchester United almost played for West Ham. Then came Bruno Fernandes (26). Football experts are summed up in a ruling on Portuguese influence.

Manchester United is a terribly organized team, saved by the fact that Fernandes has been superhuman all year. Without him, they have nothing, football analyst Michael Cox writes on Twitter.

He has previously run a tactics site Zonal marking – and now The Athletic is working.

Coke is by no means the only one who thought that Manchester United’s huge need for Bruno Fernandes was expressed against West Ham.

– Connected without control without Fernandes; no creativity with the ball or anyone can demand it from others, believes Samuel Lakhurst Manchester evening news.

First, Fernandes came in second when Paul Pogba finished with a great finish. Then he was third last both 2-1 and 3-1. Before the break, the show was hosted by West Ham.

– Then Manchester United had nothing to offer. Then they made two changes. Rasford and Fernandess really accelerated United, says TV 2 expert Petter Myhre.

See the turn action here:

Since joining the club in January, Bruno Fernandes has been directly involved in 36 goals in 38 games.

– Individual brilliance saves us again. Without it, we are absolutely nothing, and Bruno is always behind it, says Mark Goldbridge at The United Stand.

Bigger than we could dream of. There were some question marks after the not-so-fantastic end of last season, but he has been wearing this United team on his shoulders for almost a year. Tonight’s first round shows where United could have been without him, VG says journalist Eivind Brennhov Holt.

The numbers are also clear. No United Manchester player has scored more goals than Bruno Fernandes – and no team has scored more points for United since the arrival of the Portuguese:


Before the match, Ole Gunnar Solskier told MUTV that the 26-year-old had some ailments.

– He’s had a leg pain since the Southampton match. The decision to dismiss him was an easy one, hopefully I don’t have to use him tonight.

But he did. In one change, Bruno Fernandess created more opportunities (8) than any other player on the field:

Bruno has the best breakthrough pass since Verona. He probably had partial flops, but he had some incredible moments and fantastic passes, he believes Independentwriter Miguel Delanyy.

– Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier commented on the touch and Bruno Fernandes’ pass there after scoring a 2: 1 Greenwood goal.

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Bruno Fernandes rejects the Solskier conflict, annoyed by the British press

In any case, there is no evidence that Bruno Fernandes is dissatisfied with Ole Gunnar Solskier, as journalist Duncan Castles has previously said.

– I think this is an attempt to destabilize the group. What was said is far from true, Fernandes said in an interview with Sport TV in October.

– Do not use my name, the words of colleagues or managers to create trouble for United United. The atmosphere is good and the team is ready to play in the next match, the Portuguese concluded.

PS! After the match, Ole Gunnar Solskier posed for an interview on TV 2 for the first time in nine months.

“I don’t know if that means the end of 9 months with a boycott, but it was still positive,” says Vegard Jansen Hagen, sports editor of TV 2.

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