Sunday , January 29 2023

VIOLENCE , litigation – A husband at the age of 20 is charged with killing a murder


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A man who caught two men and was shot in police bat in Skane in Trondelag is now charged with assassination and serious injuries after the incident.

According to the accusation, he was supposed to be in a psychotic state, writes Adresseavisen. Public prosecutor Kaia Strandjord claims that a man should be transferred to forced mental health care

On June 22, the police went to the address to check if any of the inhabitants were alibi for the coarse gold bullion of Levanger. For this address there are several who are aware of the drug environment that belonged to the police announced.

However, there was a situation in which the accused, who was from another apartment, tore his brother and acquaintance.

– The inspection was stopped when the police came to the place, called the charge. In order to avoid multiple injuries, the police shot the knife on foot.

It was shown that neither the accused nor the two accused had anything to do with gold.

The case against the man will rise in the Inntrøndelag District Court on November 19th.

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