Tuesday , January 25 2022

Vålerenga hires a Belgian club


Amin Nouri leaves Vålerenga this game. The 29-year-old has agreed with the Belgian club Ostend for a loan next season.

This means he will play in Belgium at least in June 2019.

This confirms
his representative Stig Lillejord, opposite TV 2 Sporten.

Since Amina's signature as Vålereng, it is a plan that he should try his hand abroad if this opportunity appears. Both Amin and Vålerenga are clear about this. Now this opportunity appeared, and then Amin received it,
Lillejord says.

Amin Nouri signed a four-year contract when he arrived in Vålereng before last season.

The Belgian club Oostende is currently ranked 12th in the Belgian top.

The club has made it possible to buy Vålereng back.

– It's on maps that, if it works for all sides, can become permanent, says Stig Lillejord.

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