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TV 2's presentation made him remove silicone

On January 11th, Sophie Elise Isachsen dropped her knife and removed the silicone inserts she's been wearing since the 18th anniversary in 2012.

– I was one hundred percent sure I should have them until I die, she told TV 2 after a visit to Norway Good Morning in connection with the new season "Sophie Elise's world".

To get a television program to get 24 years old to understand that she can be safe and comfortable in her body without silicone.

– Before we participate, we dare it was far away. I mean, "I'll never do that."


But on the way, the race began to spin. After talks with Dorthe Skappel, we will dive into the corridors, the blogger became increasingly convinced.

– For several years, I think, for example, it is uncomfortable to sleep on the abdomen and use it. But I think it's not worth removing them because I was so happy – until I was dancing.

– I spoke a lot with Dorthe Skappel, who has the same experience, and I was very inspired. And when I saw my dances afterwards, I think the breasts are not so small.

Isachsen says she thought she needed big breasts and silicone to feel feminine and free. She was afraid that self-confidence was an illusion based on silicone tips.

– The operation confirmed me, which I really think. That I'm convinced of myself because I'm not chest.

Top without front

This week she is looking topless on the front of the free magazine Natt og Dag. Pictures were taken shortly after the operation.

– I was nervous before. Not sure if I felt good enough to be able to undress in front of the camera as I did before, she says, and continues:

– But I felt super sexy. Then I realized it was never about how I looked. I've been 20 kg heavier and a little dressed. And now I did it without chest. Then I know it's real because I like it
to do, and for my self-confidence. It is independent of everything else.

"Fuck, it looks awful"

– Have you completely excluded silicone use?

– Yes. I will never do it again. I was previously convinced that I would accept it, only a little less. But now; Not.

– What was your first thought after the operation?

– It was, "Fuck, it looks really crooked." I was ready to look cruel, but it looked as bad as I could ever imagine. There was a lot of skin and nothing inside. It was skin everywhere. There were big breasts, so the skin almost hung on the navel.

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