Friday , September 18 2020
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Tips for a new Batman game –


( For now, it's quite unclear what will happen to Rocksteady Studios' Arkham series – it's not really known exactly what the respected studio is currently working on.

But Rockstein is not the only Batman studio in Warner Bros.'s – his Monetary Studio has also played Batman games.

They were behind the Origins game, which of course wasn't as well received.

Now it looks like they are about to discover something – in the context of the 80th anniversary of the bat, they have sent so little hint.

to tweet they have posted a small video in which the symbol flashes for about a second, where the Internet thinks the symbol originated in an umbrella series called "Batman." There were also rumors that the studio was playing Pooh Court last year when it would the developer suddenly inserted a t-shirt with a symbol.

As you know, this "Batman" series also features friend Robin.

Last but not least, there are now rumors that the game will be revealed during a Playstation game in Morro, where "The Last of Us 2" is confirmed – according to unverified rumors from the game forum Resetera.

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