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This is how the organizer works to prevent fraud during the World Chess Championship


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London: Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen arrive at world championships about ten minutes before the game starts. Then they get into the room. There they are checked with a handheld scanner.

During the Chess World Cup, the organizer has taken extensive action against cheating.

"Although this championship has no doubt about the players, the chess has become a fraud," said Pinkerton UK director Rory Lamrock, who is responsible for tackling fraud during the Chess World Cup.

What methods can detect cheating?

The glass wall is separated by the players and the audience. Viewers can see players, but not vice versa. In addition, Carlsen and Caruana do not see the audience.

The glass wall is also an activity to prevent cheating. This makes it impossible for the company to check the chess computer and give players a hint about the situation.

Rory Lamrock says that work against fraud consists of "physical and technical measures" as well as investigations. He pays particular attention to three major shocks:

1. Scanning of electronic equipment

Before the party, players are checked with handheld scanners.

"There must be a balance so that we do not disturb players too much," says Lamrock.

In addition, the playground is scanned for electronic equipment.

2. Cell phone bags

Before the start of the game in London, guards are always asking you one thing: "Do you put your cell phone in a plastic bag?" It is also called the Pinkerton Security Company.

– For all audiences, the mobile phone should be stored in a plastic bag. You must seal the bag and do not use the phone. The goal is to prevent the sound and electronic signals to help players, "said Lamrock.

3. Lie detector test

Yes, you read it correctly. The organizer has a tune detector in the games room. After we understand it, this is a completely new event in the chess world.

– We will always use it after allowing FIDE and the World Chess because it has not been used up so far. We have the opportunity to do this and just wait for the order, "said Lamrock.

However, the organizer suggests that players can not be connected to a peace detector. The World Chess instead announces to the press a completely different scenario: "If one of the players lodges a complaint for one second and suspects that preparations for the World Cup have come to another team, the player has the right to ask the second to perform a tune-detector test" It's called.

Experts rely entirely on World Cup players

The press room is Mike Klein and Ian Rogers. They work on and respectively. As the most chess players, they become involved when we tackle the issue of cheating. But both think Carlsen and Caruana are unthinkable to attract.

– At the level of 10 biggest players in the world, the answer is no. I do not suspect that some of the 10 most popular players are cheating on phones or electronic devices, "says Klein, before Roger's engine:

– They really have too much ego. They want to beat the other guy because they are the best people.

However, both Rogers and Klein emphasize that fraud takes place at a lower level, even between mastermasters of the storm. The better players are, the less risk is the risk of fraud, Rogers explains:

"If you know that you do not interrupt the player with honest means, it's tempting to hype. But if you're Anand and you're going to play someone, why are you cheating? You're better than an opponent.

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