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The two-year standby time has become normal: – 40,000 is a new electric car

During the day it will boil in the electric car market. The new models are constantly evolving as they grow.

There is only one challenge, and it is the delivery time.

According to the latest data from the Road Traffic Advisory Council (OFV), 39,692 full electric cars were sold this year. On the whole, there are currently 178,521 electric cars on the Norwegian roads.

The demand is still huge, and so far production has slightly improved.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. Nissan announces to Dinside that they have a three month delivery time on the pages. But the top most popular cars that offer a large range – such as Hyundai Kona and Kia e-Niro – now have a two-year standby time. The latter has even closed the booking option because it sees that they are not able to deliver.

Small production

Many electric car importers have put in wait lists where you pay a deposit so you can put in a queue to get a car when it comes to sales.

"If you are looking for an electric car that interests you, it's good to keep up with when waiting lists are open so you can safely place a queue," says Nils Sødal, Senior Communications Advisor at NBS.

Almost 40,000 are in the waiting list to deliver the car they are waiting for.

"Waiting lists arise because the production is small and therefore Norwegian car importers are not able to get enough electric cars at a sufficiently fast pace, so you have to include in the calculation that you have to wait extra for the new models that come," says Sødal.

The NAF has gathered information from car importers for 2019, and several manufacturers report that they come with brand new models, but no earlier than 2020. And if you are one of the first ways in one of these cars, next time it will be for you Follow the waiting lists.

explains: "The production is low, and Norwegian car importers have failed to get electric cars fast enough," says Nils Sodell, NAF Communications Consultant. Photo: NAF
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Waiting lists come in 2019

Volkswagen I.D Neo Volkswagen's next electric vehicle model, I.D Neo, is expected to hit the market for electric cars. It will cost between 250,000 USD and reach 600 km, depending on which battery you choose.

– I.D Neo will be put on the market by 2020, and after what we know, a waiting list is being opened in autumn 2019, "says Nils Sodal.

Mini Electric: The BMW-owned BMW is releasing its first electric car next year. This car is little known and the waiting list is not open yet. This means that only if you are interested. The car will be produced in 2019, but not known to Norway.

Skoda Vision E: Skoda has announced its first electric car delivery by the end of 2020. It will be a SUV that will reach about 500 km. Price is unknown. Keep your eyes open for waiting lists here next year.

Ford: Ford has announced its second electric car. It will have a range of 480 km, inspired by the Ford Mustang. An electric car is expected in 2020. Ford starts with the safest order in 2019.

Seat: By 2020, the Spanish producer will launch a full-scale model. It is expected that the car will reach 500 kilometers. The NAF awaits the waiting list in 2019.

Electric cars with long waiting lists

In 2019 there are plenty of electric cars in car stores, but waiting lists have long been filled.

"If you choose to queue at one of these cars today, you probably will not get a car until the end of 2020. If you are lucky, Nilsund says.

If you are interested in any of these models with long wait lists, NAF recommends contacting your dealer to find out when you can expect a car.

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