Monday , September 20 2021

The man who was shot at Svolvarez entered the sea


A 50-year-old man was arrested at night until Sunday when he recorded a regular male Anker Brygge Svolvare.

published: Updated: 11.10.18. 06:48

On Sunday night, the North Atlantic Police reported that they warned people not to get out when armed action was taking place in Svolvar.

Only after 05:00, Operations Manager Fred Leirvik, in Nordland, can tell what has happened.

– 01.43, we were reported to have been shot at a dock at Anker Brygge Center. He says that he has been hit.

Get into the sea

According to the witness, a person who has fallen in the 50s should leave the square.

– The person who was taken fell to the dock and then got into the sea. At the same time, more fireplaces were released.

Next to the place where the man fell, there was a lifeboat.

"It quickly raised a man who was hit by the leg and he was taken to a hospital with a helicopter.

At the same time, the police began to do much to find the culprit. They finally found him in the apartment that he had. The opening ceremony took place without any drama, "said VG.

"We got help from a talks expert in the Oslo police district, which is normal in such cases.

The arrested is a 50-year-old man in the district. It is currently unclear what kind of relationship exists between the perpetrator and the victim.

VG will come back with more

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