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The great master of transition – Aftenposten

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No, what we should do with the data. Jorset was still unsurpassed. "40.4 – 2.7 Round in front of the chart" came out of the radio faster than we could do.

Commentary legend Per Jorsett is dead

In the next second, tens of thousands of forms around Norwegian families were written for lap time, some of the forms made with ruler and pencil, some of the books with columns for all words and numbers. All the routes had to be completed, and Per Jorsett explained with a dusty voice what the numbers were for placement and the next race.


Entertainment and Facts

If there were no figures to be reported, Knut Bjørnsen constantly talked about the next 35 seconds about the weapons that were thrown, about the wrong cut of the last outer part, the sticks that stiffened. Before it turned out, speed, on the contrary, had become higher – when the actual fact, Per Jorsett, came again.

Bjørnsen was interesting at a high level, but we waited for Jorset.

Just before each transition, the people had kissed Jorsets with their numbers. What Jorsett said was never wrong.

And we noted. In a way, Per Jorsett was Norway's most quoted person, at least on weekends in NM, European Championship or World Championship. It was a combination of the glorious voice, the ancient tone and the long-lasting experience that made Jorsett this skating season.

An expert nation

Jorset wasn't the easiest athletics, Jorset never knew. But the Norwegian people have never had such a link with the round and long athletic times like skating.

We were a skating nation, and Jorset had done it for us.

Lightning immediately took into account the differences. As soon as the runner reached 1500 meters, he explained how many seconds and tenths of a runner had to spend 10,000 meters to regain him as a leader. It was a head count in the classroom.

Per Jorsett received a royal gold medal after 50 years as an employee of Østenfjeldske Kredittforening, and was awarded with an honorary award by Idrettsgall in 2004.

The material he left behind is gathered at the Norwegian Olympic Museum.

The passport captain was 98 years old.

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