Sunday , January 29 2023

The development of smoke in planes that hit Gardermoen


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The Eastern Police reported a smoke evolution in a plane climbing Gardermoen. The report arrived at the police at 16.25.

According to Knut Morten Johansen, SAS Information Manager, the event is amazing.

– The master of the SAS flight between Oslo and Bergen has registered signs of smoke development, so he asked for a priority landing. When such a message arrives, daily routine begins. The plane crashed as usual, says Johansen.

SAS can not say anything about what problems it speaks.

There were 119 passengers on the plane, no one injured.

Avinor confirms that they have received a priority landing request.

"We do not know much more than we were told that the SAS commander had problems with the plane," said Avignor, press secretary Lasse Wangstein, who is planning to get safely onto the street to get rid of passengers.

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