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The deer calf remained alive without hindquarters – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

The man in Sviland Sandnes actually sold his house and simply sat down to clean. But the house was deer calf.

He called the hunter John Pedersen, who lives in Sandnes and Jessalén.

"I go to the animal, but then the deer tries to get out and just strive with it. The rest goes away, says Pedersen.

It turns out that the deer calf lacked the hind legs and the other was pulled apart in the joint so that the buttocks would come out of the attachment at the thigh.

Deer without hindquarters2

Because the carcass of deer came when Jan Pedersen came to the place.

Photo by Jan Pedersen

Pedersen should breathe.

"I just emptied it. It's not nice to see expensive suffering in this way.

He killed the deer calf on the spot. Pedersen is absolutely sure that the animal has been killed.

"Of course, this is a hundred percent. An animal has suffered for many days, and those who have been in control can not escape and notice it.

It was Stavanger Aftenblad who first wrote about this issue.

– People think they get a penalty

Pedersen called the police immediately, but in their magazine they had no lips. Wildlife manager is so tired that people do not report.

"People think that they are getting better when they are driving the animal, but they are not. When someone calls to inform us, we praise them.

Jan Pedersen

Jan Pedersen

Photo: Private

What is to blame for is to leave the animal you have been driving. Pedersen urges people to call the police when it happens.

Statistics from Norway show that between 2017 and 2018, The year of the hunting year in Norway was the record for wild hunting trips. There are 10,199 animals, an increase of 39% over the previous year. It is desirable for the brethren to be exposed.

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It's all Hedmark's largest peninsula, followed by Trondelag and Møre og Romsdal.

Slippers are deductible

Several insurance companies operate with measures where you will not lose premiums or deduct a car if you report an adventure.

If, Sigmund Clementz, Information Manager of the insurance company, recalls that the motorway or cars can seriously damage the driveway. "

"It changes a lot of cars to make a car a condemnation. If you're getting a windshield, it's about hundreds of kilos at a high speed," he says.

Sigmund Clementz European Travel Insurance

Sigmunds Clementz, Insurance Information Officer If.

Photo: Ja

The dark waves are high season ramps. Clementz asks people to take caution.

– It usually happens in a gray light or a twilight. Then pay attention, because then costs a lot.

– Move your eyes

He suggests moving his eyes to the side while driving. This way, you may have more time to slow you down.

"Usually you have another," says Clementz.

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