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Tesla increases prices and eliminates many of the equipment

The Tesla boss Elon Musk takes a few steps to simplify the production of the S and X models.

After many years, the final production of Tesla's Model 3 is in full swing. This is the brand's fourth model – and so far the most important. This is who is really going to increase sales.

The interest so far suggests that one has succeeded. For Norway it will be in the first half of 2019.

But before this time, Tesla's boss Elon Musk did little effort to simplify the production of the S and X models.

Here it is about reducing opportunities.

At the same time, a price increase of EUR 1,500 is introduced in Europe. It is equivalent to about 14,000 crowns.

New prices have already been introduced to the Norwegian Tesla Norwegian Configurator.

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Black skin is standard

Price rises include slightly more equipment than before. For example, black leather and black ceilings are now standard equipment.

The beige and white leather interior is optional – both cost an extra 12500 Norwegian crowns.

The starting price for the Model S 75D is 669,820 EEK, but the model X costs from 726 000 EEK.

Tesla made this car in honor of the American war veterans. It has a roof rack. But now, model S will no longer be possible.

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The machine is gone

Norwegian buyers might be more alarming about the loss of two popular choices. You no longer receive a model S, such as shusers. So the two rear-facing "child seats" are luggage gone.

If you have more than five people, you need to choose the X model.

In addition to model S, there is a roof rack end. You can still get a glass roof, but not warm. Also, with the roof hatch falling, the roof rack can no longer be removed. This is a great disadvantage for anyone who wants a ski boot or a bicycle rack in their model S.

X model

There are some changes in model X. But they are less important. Among other things, the gender edition is not available at the central console. However, the X is still available with five, six and seven seats.

With the new system, it's very easy to configure the car on the Tesla website.

The question is about how the particular model S changes will be accepted.

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You will miss seven places

These seats can no longer be ordered on the Tesla Model S.

"I do not have enough space for seven, because many will miss it. It must be said that the rear seats have only a children's room, like many other sisters, but it still helps make the car more practical and useful," says Benny Kristensen, a Broome automobile engineer.

He also points out that many will miss the opportunity to sunbathe the roof – which also made sure that you have a roof rack half.

– Here I hope Tesla finds some solutions. For many Norwegians it is important to build a roof box.

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