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Review: "Girl on a Spider Web" – Lisbeth Salander reduced to A4 heroine


Action / Thriller

Directed by:

Fede Alvarez


Claire Foy, Sylvia Hoek, Sverrir Gunnason

Premiere date:

November 9, 2018

age limit:

15 years old

Original name:

"Girl on a Spider Web"

"Mass action and small personality.»

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FILM: It is not true that Stieg Larsson turned into graves to find out about his development of the heroin "Lisbeth Salander". But the impression she had gained in the new Millennium film, "Girl on Spider Web", just became more and more recognizable. Gone is a dangerous, unsuccessful false revenge. She has been replaced by a robot super girl (Claire Foy) according to the type of shower.

Claire Foy is here the diametrically opposite figure that we know from The Crown. She is a first-class actor; it's a script that's something wrong there. Director Fede Alvarez has built his film book, David Lagergranz, who took the project after dead Stieg Larsson. He has created a technically good but incredibly traditional agent / superhero movie with many activities and a small personality.

Blonde sister

The cunning figure, like her previous films produced by Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara, is a tragic and bad story. Initially, it is discussed in a new film in a scene where the brutal father (Mikael Persbrandt) interacts with his two little daughters – Lisbeth and Camillus, while Lisbeth collects snow from a high porch and goes. The Camilla figure is not nearly mentioned in previous films; Here she appears 16 years later in the Sylvia Hoek series. She is as blond as Lisbets is dark, but it's just out.

Get off at Volvo

If the figure of Lisbeth does not have many tragic and traumatic features, the characters in the film's other woman are so loose and embroidered with clichés. Sister Camilla looks and acts as a mediocre Russian agent, and Sparks Women's Executive Director Grane is just as ice-cold, arrogant, and similar to business as most women's intelligence boss spy movies. Here really is that Volvo car hunts.

The scene is Sweden. Lisbeth Salander is simply a vendetta to a vindictive woman because she has a complex hacking job. The former US National Security Council NSA agent has developed a computer program that can provide access to all of the world's nuclear weapons. He has conscientious whales and he wants to help erase it. Hackeren Salander is a good lady on this issue. She wears her black hats, leather trousers and leather jackets through the streets and stops of Stockholm on the Ducati Lightning. The motorcycle even drives through the ice in the inner city port.

Ice and snow

Winter images from Stockholm are suitable for exotic and invisibly included "nordic noir" mythical performances. Night, ice and snow. It gives the whole movie a touch of minimalism, where most are in black or white, an expression that seems to be in the style of a Salvadian figure. The fact that sister Camilla, according to Lisbeth, suicide three years earlier, suddenly appears as a red sign in all melodious black and white borders.

blood is bad

Lisbetes Salandera male dog, Millennium journalist Mikeel Blomkvist (Sverrir Gunnason), has been reduced to an unsatisfactory role in this film, almost a kind of helper Lisbeth can call when she needs good. The relationship between these two is neither explicit nor elaborated; His case with the female editor seems to be unmodified and indifferent. The worst thing is, however, is that Lisbeth Salander is reduced to a fairly widespread, non-sharp-edged performance.


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