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Remy (20) interrupts body pressure. Now he drives a controversial model of competition.

The case is being updated.

Remy Berlend (20) is studying special education in Bergen and working in a kindergarten, but the last two weeks have been rescheduled model competitions in the Sun Chain, Brun og blid.

"I myself am an insecure guy. Two to three months ago, I have never been able to show my body as such.

The competition, which is being completed every year since 2010, requires the next circuit, and the winners are voted by people.

Life's charm

Berland signed up to focus on body pressure in society and really hit the nerve: on Tuesday he held several thousand votes in front of other members.

This was the Haugesund newspaper, which first mentioned this issue.

PURPOSE: Remy Berland (20) wants to face a healthier body image. Now he is running bridal and blizzard competition. Photo: Screenshot

"It's no wonder that the former winners did not seem like me, but he's a brilliant idea of ​​the" perfect "body of the summer, he says.

"Today children and teenagers are bombarded with posters and instagram profiles with half-shirts, slides and well-trained people. This is not the world. We have to deal with a healthy and normal body image, and I hope it will help.

– a healthier body image

And Berland knows what he is talking about. Just over half a year ago, the 20-year-old weighed 120 kilograms. Then he arrested and played two half marathons this summer.

– Health should always have prospects. We need a wider range of role models. He says that not only Brown and gentle campaigns, but the entire advertising and model industry.

HEALTH IN THE FIRST: Six to seven months old, Remy Berland (20) weighs 120 kilograms. "I realized that I had to do something and start training. But that does not matter what's important. Photo: Ørjan Deisz

"I am not the first to try to pay attention to it. Many before me, especially women, have already fought against this struggle. But change does not happen overnight, and I believe it is equally important that men also face the struggle against body pressure.

Commented on this critique

Thorbjørn Frantzen, General Manager Braun and Gentle, emphasize that if Remy has people in his back, he can definitely go up. He is still above the criticism.

"We always get the criticism that it's just the" perfect "institution that wins. But he's here to prove that it's not important. In this contest, people who decide, but not us, say.

He points out that the only criterion for participants is that they must be over the age of 18.

– There is no model competition that does not increase height, weight and civil status. Thus, we have opened up a greater variety, he says.

"IMPACTED": The 20-year-old Kleps expects his participation in the contest to highlight the pride of what you are, no matter what you look like. Photo: Ørjan Deisz

– Create curls

The solarium businessman says he agrees with 80-90 percent of what Berland says.

– But I have two things that I do not like. I think he can do it with pleasure or make curls. The second is that it can rob others – who in fact are dream of a model but not fit for other races – for this opportunity. And that worries me, "he says.

– Does Bruno play a role in the fight against young people's body pressure?

"Everyone should try to eliminate the pressure of the body and we believe we are doing it in an open competition. At the same time, we sell the service where the clothes go, and therefore our designs are lightly dressed," says Frantzen.

NORWAY NEXT FRONT FIGUR: Brun og blid has organized a competition for eight years. On Tuesday, Remy Berland (20) led a number of thousands of votes. Photo: Screenshot

"You are also criticized for lack of a model difference. Are you actively working to change it?

"We have used all colors for our models – from black to white, even if they have not won the contest. And we have used the whole gender or now there are only two genders, but we have used both men and women," he says.

– Extremely unilateral advertisement;

Brown and Blade were nominated for the Golden Barbie this year – a prize for actors who exert pressure on children and young people.

The award is presented by the Redd Barna Youth Organization "Press". They grounded the nomination that the solar circuit is a highly unilateral advertisement in public places with simple and similar models.

Mina Vinje, Press Officer Keep children. Photo: press

"It's important that big players, such as Bruno and Blid, are aware that they have an impact on organizing a competition in which one person is against each other and voted for the" best "body," says Press Secretary Mina Vinje.

"By kidnapping your body, you implicitly state that other organizations are" wrong. "It's cool that someone buys competition to focus on pressure, but we think that competition is first and foremost a very problematic one.

Hets online

Each year, the solar circuit has more than six million visitors circulating around 130 solar centers. Berland is aware that his trick can give the chain more PR.

"I hope that this does not mean that people have a desire to receive more sunshine, but we can create a conscious relationship with body pressure," he says.

– What reactions have you received?

"People are mostly positive and hate me, but I also get hateful comments from people who say that I should die. One day someone asked me how I could be happy when I looked like Big Mac," said the 20-year-old .

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