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Reflects Sergio Ramos by the naughty elbow



(Victoria Plzen – Real Madrid 0-5, going) Sergio Ramos (32) put his elbow in the face of an opponent. Viasport studio experts were free from the Real Madrid captain.


"It's a shame that such a great player, like Sergio Ramos, turns out to be stupid in a row," Rolf Otto Eriksen disappeared in Viasport Studio.

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The accident took about ten minutes. Milan Havel was ahead, but Ramos came in and Havel lost control of the ball, so Ramos suddenly lifted his elbow and reached Havel's nose. The blood was dismissed, and the midwife had to change later, with what looked like a broken nose. See the top of the event.

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The judge did not register what had happened and did not punish Ramos.

"This is a clear red card, and it's the same player who has been involved from time to time," said Morten Langli.

Ramos is the player who has won the most cards in the Champions League story. Liverpool defender Loriss Karius gave his elbow in May for Liverpool final. Later, the Germans made two great losses, and Real Madrid provided its third straight Champions League title. The German guard later found a shock to smirk.

Ramos was also the man who addressed Mohamed Salah, so he had to retire at the spring finals early. See the situation here:

"There is no reason to do what he does. It will be hard to punish him, he will certainly announce that it was not accidental, and it's hard to refute, but one thinks," said Rune Bratseth, the captain of the Real Madrid captain on Wednesday's elbow.

Ramos was replaced in the 59th minute.

Real Madrid also runs championship games with a comfortable 5-0. Karim Benzema has won two. The rest is from Toni Kroos, Casemiro and Gareth Bale. The team was led by short-term coach Santiago Solari. It is not clear who becomes the permanent leader of the club After Christmas Lopetegui was kicked.

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