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Overview: "Captain" – a young man who became a Nazi death



Directed by:

Robert Schwenkte


Max Hubacher

Premiere date:

November 9, 2018

age limit:

15 years old

Original name:

Der Hauptmann

"Creeping Theory With The Root In Actually.»

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FILM: Although the German youth again lifted their hands in the Nazi life of Chemnitz, it is an event that the film "The Captain" will be a premiere. The film is about William Herold, an authentic Nazi writer who came from Chemnitz.

an evil

German director Robert Schwenkte tells of a terrible story in black and white. It is about the well-known truth that copper is damaged. Or if it discusses more about the intrinsic evil of man. Both parts, as before, had good conditions for growth during the Nazi and World War II years.

in shape

The film will be held in April 1945, when the war goes on, the Germans realized that they were going to lose and soldiers desert, flee or hide. One of them is Will Hawacher, who lacks a blank car and suitcase with a Luftwaffe captain's uniform. Herold not only covers the uniform but also "captures" the master's authority, power and ultimately the attitude.


Herold reveals that he can reliably lead the role of captain; At each junction, he becomes more and more a brutal and authoritarian tyranny. At checkpoints, he manages to blephar, claiming that he personally is on behalf of Hitler. Initially, the small, salvaged person becomes longer and darker. The first serious test comes when he is asked to solve the fate of another former ex-soldier who has broken and he is attacking him firmly on his head. The page will only get worse. Reality William Herold was called "butchers from Emsland".


The film does not doubt that the third day of the third kingdom was characterized by a chaos in which everyone was free. Among the incidents was determined who was a whore and a victim. Cruelties culminated in mass murder and mass offenses. The film is a reminder of what seemingly simple people can do when the event starts. While scrolling over the cloth, the message sounds like a reflection.


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