Monday , September 20 2021

Now the Champions League is launched in television games

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The winner of the tournament will spend about $ 85,000 out of a total $ 2.36 million prize pool. The tournament is named in the e-Champions League.

The final match is on May 31 in Madrid, the day before the Champions League at the Atlético Madrid home.

"We consider the e-Champions League and FIFA an important step in bringing together existing and new champion supporters," said the BBC.

Online tournament tournament starts in March. Next month, 64 players will compete for eight places in the final round. The teams can play in the final in the Champions League this year.

The tournament will only be played on Playstation, which belongs to the champion sponsor Sony.

Several top clubs abroad are making great efforts in the field of e-sports, which is becoming more and more popular. The Norwegian Football Association has followed the trend and launched its e-Sports announcement in April.

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