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Norwegian 18-year-old best – expects that he will qualify for Denmark



HERNING / OSLO (VG) (Norway-Chile 41–20) Norway dictated its target record for championships when Chile was overtaken on Tuesday by 41–20. The big test will be Denmark on Thursday.

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In the 2007 World Cup Norway won 41–13 Angola, which is a record of how many handball boys were against Chile.

The 18-year-old champion debut, Alexander Blon, who scored eight goals, was the centerpiece of the Norwegian fish owner, and was named a road decree.

– I'm not part of the evaluation. I have to try myself, he smiled in an interview with VG.

– It will be fun to play group finals against Denmark, rogalendingen continued, which, despite being the best track against Chile in the track, expects him to return on Thursday.

– I don't think my role in the team has changed. Magnus (Jøndal) is one of the world's best left-wing wings, Blonz said on TV3.

– I'm a little disappointed that he didn't have 100% as I did, Espen Lie Hansen wondered and looked at Blonze when he was interviewed by VG.

Norway now has four World Cup wins of 60 plus goals. On Thursday, Norway will receive a qualified resistance for the first time when the organizer Denmark is on the opposite side of Boxen.

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– It will be exciting. I'm really crazy. Two good teams, it will be a little crash, said the national team coach Christian Berge on TV3. Later on Tuesday night he will see the Danish fight against Austria.

Four victories at the beginning – and the development is already clear. It's the opening of time for Norway in the championship, whether we're talking about the European Championship or the World Cup – and it's about men.

1 out of 10BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

The guys want to play well, said Christian Berge after TV3.

– I wanted to start with the team we usually play with, and then I have to strike out, Berge explained.

Chilean chief Mateo Garrald was so confident that he would lose Norway, that he chose to scroll the team, and on Thursday he fought against the best fight against Saudi Arabia.

However, Chile was a good start at the beginning and led 4-3, but then Torbjørn Bergerud started to save the shots – and suddenly Norway ran 9–4 after three quick scores of Alexander Blonz.

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Norway ran from Chile and in the first half reached 12 out of 21 targets. So it was 21 to 12 breaks after an excellent half-hour, especially offensive, where the edge Blonz and Kristian Bjørnsen marked every four goals.

– 18-year-olds have a good shooting technique, said TV3 expert Joachim Boldens pause for Blonza.

"But the resistance may not be so much better than the second Norwegian level," he told former national team goalkeeper Ole Erevik.

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Sander Sagosen sat on the bench with an ice pack on each road, starting from the other side, and sat and charged the Danish game. On the other hand, Alexander Blon took the opportunity to continue the show when he got the chance – because against Denmark Magnus Jøndal has returned to the first row.

After just seven minutes, it was 27-14 years, and then Henrik Jakobsen got his first minute in Norway in the World Cup. He got his first to 35-18, and in Norway it was 12 minutes to put a "pers" in the championship.

"We may have some goals, but we also have many goals," then VENDI said Espen Lie Hansen.

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Christian Berge chose to start with his best men, except for Magnus Jøndal, who has little problems with the thigh and has been replaced by Blonz on the left. Both goalkeepers Torbjørn Bergerud and Espen Christensen scored one round.

The national team leader has a clear goal that Norway should play better for each World Cup game.

PS: National League entry for men from 55 to 1975 in the UK, but it wasn't in the championship.

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