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More and more celebrities affected by forest fires: – completely broken up

Thousands have died and nearly 30,000 have lost their homes in US media as the worst forest fires in California's history.

On Monday night, in Norwegian times, firefighters are still struggling with the enormous flames that capture more space in the US. According to a news agency, some fires are now subject to control, but the authorities believe that it will take several weeks before everything is turned off.

At the moment, work is under way to identify all the dead, but still closer to 230 people are not counted, the news agency writes. In the city of Paradise, in the north of the country, the city is almost inundated, that tragedy is a fact.

– One of the successful ones

Malibu is located in the south of the country, and is known for Malibu among forest-fired areas. Many flames are also being burnt here, but deaths are much lower.

Of these, millions of villas at the weekend had to develop several world stars, including a 48-star Gerard Butler, who shared the image of his burned-in house in Twitter. Later there have been several other celebrities.

Famous people like Miley Cyrus (25), Will Smith (50), Robin Thicke (41), Orlando Bloom (41) and Lady Gaga (32) have hit all disasters. The first one is about tweet that her house Malibu has burnt on the ground.

MONEY CROSS: Miley Cyrus and actress starestess Liam Hemsworth is one of the stars that is affected by forest fires. Photo: NTB Scanpix
TRANSFER: Miley Cyrus and actress Liam Hemsworth are among the stars that are affected by forest fires. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Destruction: The image shows the entrance to Miley Cyrus's home after a fire damage. Photo: NTB Scanpix
AVAILABILITY: The picture shows the entrance to Miley Cyrus's home after a fire damage. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– I am completely divided into fires that strike my neighboring countries. I'm one of the lucky ones. Both my animals and my love are safe, and this is the only thing that is important at the moment. My house is gone, but the memories I shared with my family and friends, which I always want, write in his post.

Also, music colleague Lady Gaga has had to go home, but it's unclear whether her house was down. On Sunday, a 32-year-old wrote that she did not know what she was returning to.

"My thoughts go on to those most affected by this tragedy-those who have lost their homes or whatever they love. I was sitting here with many of you who were all wondering if our house was catching the flames. Everything we did Gaga writes in one of her twitter updates, where she also thanks the firefighters for their effort: to have God be with you all,

Uncertain future

Astronaut Orlando Bloom has in turn been photographed from his neighborhood Instagram, showing a massive flaming sea scale.

"As I walked out two hours ago, pray for all the neighbors so that they can be safe and at the same time give thanks to the courageous fire. Take care of yourself," he writes.

Also, the artist, Robina Thicke and model girlfriend April Love Geary (23), who are waiting their second child together, have taken the opportunity to thank firefighters in social media.

Thicke has previously read a picture of his residential neighborhood Instagram, which shows a star house surrounded by thick smoke.

"Although we were safely transported, firefighters and volunteers risked their lives to save our homes. We would like to thank you for this, write to Instagram.

Later, Thicke has shared Snapchat update, which confirms that the family house is severely ruined.

OPP FLAMMER: Robin Willie writes in a social media that his house is gone. Photo: Snapchat
OPP FLAMMER: Robin Thix writes about social media that his house is gone. Photo: Snapchat
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Illuminated parents

Singer Jessica Simpson, a number of Carlson's Clan and actor Charlie Sheen (53) are also among the forest fires. The latter created titles when he called his parents into flamingos, which he did not receive at that time.

Several American media have written that Shan's parents Martin and Janet Sheen later arrived and are in good condition.

Also parts of the historic Paramount Ranch, an area that has been the venue for many films and TV shows since 1927 has risen in flames. The last ranch was used to record the main streets of the Westworld Fiction City in Sweetwater.

100,000 evacuated

Since Thursday, three separate forest fires have been ruined in California. The second largest, Woolsey Fire, has so far destroyed nearly 215 miles of the American landscape and more than 100,000 people have been evacuated, writes CNN. The cause of forest fires is not yet known, but it probably depends on drought and strong winds.

The most severe fires claimed by the US authorities and the media as "four camps" named after the river's river, were the lives of 23 people.

All of the paradise people mentioned above, where there have been more dramatic descriptions of people recovering from the flames.

Authorities are afraid that deaths will increase.

FIRE: On Friday, California's fire brought some of the historic Paramount Ranch, which has been in place since many films and TV shows since 1927. Variety Magazine reports. Among other things, the HBO series Westworld has used a farm to record more of its iconic scenes. Video: CNN
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