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Manchester United lost almost 350 million in 15 months

This has been done in just over 15 months. With today's exchange rate, it gives approximately NOK 338 million. Sánchez is considered a completely hopeless United investment.

He came from Arsenal and received a high salary. The claim that the head of Manchester City Pep Guardiola could not agree. Thus, Sánchez came to the United Kingdom on 22 January last year.

There he has not done so much. Many injuries and weak games have made him the most expensive flop. Chilean stands have passed 90 minutes since August 10 last year.

One goal and three targeted passes are the seasonal aspect of the current Premier League. Manger Ole Gunnar Solskjær will soon make a decision on South America. Is he the man who carries with him?

On Sunday, Chelsea meets at home at a joint meeting on Sunday.

Daily Mail mentions Sanchez contract items and refers to
Football leaks:

4.41 million weekly wages.

Every year until 2023, 12.4 mln

847,000 for every time you play.

22.8 million at 40 target points per season.

11.3 million Champions League titles.

5.7 million Premier League titles.

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