Thursday , February 25 2021

Kamara testified to a fire in California: – Surreal see it

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LUBLANES: Kamara returns to the national team. But before joining the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, he has caused a forest fires in California since last Thursday.

Fire is confirmed to be the deadliest in California's history. Many have lost their homes.

The LA Galaxy player Kamara lives far away.

"I'm sure, given the fire, then it's very sad what's going on. But I went to the wharf where I live and then look on the hill. Then I just saw that the fire and the helicopter are shining in the air." Kamara says it was pretty surreal.

The tip says he does not know anyone directly affected.

"Most teams live around me and they are not affected. But you feel like you're living in Los Angeles and everyone is following the situation.

Slightly blocked sofa

Though horrendous scenes are pointing things forward, Kamara has recently been hit by a big downturn in the football field.

"How was it? How was it possible?"

The questions are embarrassed at the end of Kamar. Almost a week he almost left the couch.

The reason for this was what happened at the StubHub Center in California on October 28th. In front of my team was led by LA Galaxy 2-0 against Houston Dynamo. Camara gains both goals.

Everything showed that a hard-won team wanted to win the victory they needed to secure their place in the Major Soccer League (MLS) final game.

But after a break, it raked. 2-0 turned out to be 2-3. Joy became a great despair.

"It was incredibly disturbing. I was sitting almost a week on the couch and angry. I was very mentally ready for the final game and I wanted to stay longer. It was a recession, Kamara says Aftenposten.

He then describes the atmosphere as "an apartment while it's foolish."

"It was a strange feeling," said Kamara.

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– There is something slaughtering

In the following days he asked himself questions.

"It's hard to know what happened, we had a lot of pressure on each game, we had to win five out of six competitions, so the pressure was there in every game, but then we managed to get ourselves in such a good position. The fact that we managed to lose 45 minutes past the season was boring.

LA Galaxy is made with the most end-of-life tests in the MLS story. They have stars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ashley Cole.

Now they have missed the last game for two consecutive years. This has never happened before.

"After that, we missed something, but it's natural when you have so many good players and do not end up playing," says Kamara.

When Lagerbäck took over, there was one thing that struck him with Norwegian players: a lack of warfare.

– There is something to do here

Despite the fact that repetition is called, Kamara is happy with his bouts this season.

It ended up with 14 points, although he has filled other roles rather than straight. In the three years since the United States and Columbus Crew's accession in February 2016, 49 goals have been achieved.

This is the first time that Kamar this season is in the national team. He played one game against Australia in the summer and one game against Panaman. In the Australian game he scored three goals.

"And if I did not lose the fight against Panama, I would have scored four goals during half-time. So I think that I have something here that needs to be done.

The national team helped when stopping the recession after the MLS exit.

"It took a few days when I was not the funniest person, but then I knew it could be a national team, so I had to start changing my mind," said Ola Kamara.

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