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During the French Revolution, during the French Revolution, a few precious stones and precious stones owned by Queen Mary Antoinette, who sold 36 million dollars – more than NOK 300 million – were persecuted.

It is 17 million more corn than the value of an auction house.

The pendant is part of a collection of ten collections that belong to the queen. Gjenstandane has not been seen for two hundred years. This is the Bourbon-Parma family, which has hitherto been eigd jewelry.

Marie Antoine Gems

More than 300 million crowns were the price for which these jewelry was auctioned.

Photo: Richard Drew / AP

She himself Queen Marie Antoinette was arrested in Guillotine in the Revolutionary Place in Paris in 1793 after the French Revolution, after landslide, immorality and a number of other accusations were won.

Then he was 37 years old.

Maria Antoineta was an authoritative princess of austerity, who later married a prince who would become King Louis XVI. It was part of an alliance between France and Austria.

Impotence and luxury


Marie Antoinette's portrait painting from where he was also the kingdom of France.

Photo: AP

The Alliance was not excluded by chance, the Cork's political or marital law. Louis had more health problems, and impotence would be one of them.

It becomes apparent that the queen of the drones changes in his life in one of her lives. Ho was used to make some great summaries of luxurious skirts, shoes and jewelry.

Marie Antoinette has questioned her reputation in her recent history, but there is no doubt that ho was very unpopular in the court and the French nation.

Particularly the story has been strong in her notes.

It is said here that Mary Antoinette was right about people walking in the streets of Paris and demanding a revolution. They prayed around what people did, and replied that it was because they had no bread.

– If they have no bread, why can not they eat a cake? queen asked

Jewel, owned by Marie Antoinette.

On Thursday in Geneva, 10 beautiful gemstones belonging to Marie Antoinette were found under the hammer.

Photo by Daniel Leal-Oliv / AFP

Of course, it is unclear whether history is true, most likely or not. This is also a quotation that has shaped his views about him.

Contraband jewelry

Also, many other Marie Antoinette jewelry editions, by the way, have a pair of diamond earrings. Also, the hammer is subjected to a beautiful diamond strip, along with one diamond ring with an original MA engraving and one cap of hair.

Mary Antoinette managed to kill her most precious jewelry in the Austerlitz family. But her own attempt to flee France with her husband Ludwig and put them on, each failed.

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