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"I spend too much time and money on this car

Volvo is the youngest car number first – but it's not like everyone else …

In the column "Bilen Min", readers have the opportunity to tell a little about their own cars or their cars and a little about their car interests.

There is no doubt that Volvo has a number of young cars. It's been since Volvo's Volvo weather, continuing with Amazon, 140, 240, 740, etc., and so on.

Kjell-Tomas from Kongsberg is also Volvo as his lover, but he has chosen a slightly different and unusual Volvo choice. He has taken too much time and money on Volvo 360 GL since 1988. In his opinion, by car, we think that he pays great attention to it.

But he certainly has not planned to give in. Now the dream is to crush the turbo engine between the differences. A fascinating project that I would like to congratulate.

Volvo 360 becomes a bit unusual car. Photo: Private.

You can find out more about Kjell-Thomas, the car and what he has done so far:


Brand, model: Volvo 360 GL 1988

How long have you been? Since 2016

What did you do with it Rearred front and rear brakes, 19 mm front suspension, 19 mm, gear crankshaft up to 24 mm, rebuilt to original power steering, lowered front and rear, adjustable front and rear shock absorbers, sound-insulated whole car interior, mounted on 2, 5-inch exhaust system, with filter tubes, transformed into an electric fan, various body parts and polished paint.

There is little doubt that the 30-year-old Volvo with a slight change, looking before and after the picture. Photo: Private.

Volvo for Per has stopped a lot of speed bump

Like a car: Retro look 80s and wheels. And that they began to get rarely and get a lot of attention. And the original Volvo 2.0 liter engine, not any French content here!

Less like car: The body sign is Made in Netherlands …

Best car experience: When in 2018 I went to Kongsbergknekken, a veteran competition!

Future plans of the car: The plan needs to be modified and approved by a Turbocharger from the Volvo 940, but do not hesitate to re-approve it at the Norwegian State Road Administration, so we will see what that is all about.

The plan is to replace this turbocharged engine from 940. Photo: private.

dreams: There must be a Nissan GTR 2017 model, a finer sound in a car, in my opinion, it's impossible to drive.

The others: The car has been brought from Östersund in Sweden for a total of 16 hours to be retrieved. Because of the death sentence, it has not been managed in the last 8 years. The car is completely brown from rust, but it is very sandy when it was said to me that it is not salted in Østersund but winter is using hot sand. Maybe Norway should learn it?

Golf with butt – this is a slightly forgotten young car


name: Kjell-Thomas Østby

age: I'm 27 years old.

Location: Kongsberg in Buskerud.

A little bit about yourself: Slightly more than a moderate car enthusiast and spending too much time and money on the car.

It looks like 360 ​​inside. Photo: Private.

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